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As time passes, technology also growing and achieving new heights day by day. as the technology grown, as of internet also grows rapidly in the world. Now it is a high time, as everyone using smart phone with high speed internet. Maximum bank transactions, many Ecom platforms etc..makes the internet thing very complicated in technology wise. As the uses increased risk also increases.

One of the major risk is Cyber attack. Every day there are thousand cyber attacks happening in world. Even now it is seems the then next fight will be in Cyberspace. All establishment are in risk i.e finance, stock market, education, Ecom, Communication, Defence establishment, research canter et…

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best web-designing

As the hackers now a days, become more active and high . Even small business the owner business get affected and may be quickly and efficiently hackers can work to bring your operation to its knees.

In the face of such sobering news, how does one best protect both your company and your customers from the harmful effects of security breaches? Luckily, ZENSLY Cyber security solutions exist that allow businesses of nearly any size to require a stand against threats.

What Are Cyber security Services?

Cyber security refers to a company’s protection against unauthorized or criminal use of electronic data, and cybersecurity services are the overarching processes put in situ to realize this security and protect against common cyber threats.
These common threats that cyber security services target can include the subsequent :


Ransomware uses malware to limit access to your own system through encryption then asks you to pay a “ransom” online to decrypt the system and regain your access.

Distributed denial of service

(DDoS) attacks: DDoS attacks limit access to a network by overwhelming it with traffic requests to slow website reaction time. This is often used as a distraction while criminals commit other sorts of cybercrime. Cyber security targets these and other attacks through a broad array of network security measures designed to guard your data, networks and systems.


or malicious software — may be a program installed into a system to compromise its data’s availability, integrity or confidentiality. Malware programs are discreet but became one among the most important external threats facing business networks today.


Cybercriminals use phishing to get data by pretending to be a legitimate business representative. They’ll often issue a warning associated with your account and ask you for a response with a link to a fake website asking you to supply passwords or other sensitive information.


Some of the various available cyber security solutions include:



encoding ensures that albeit your data is stolen, hackers wouldn’t be ready to read it. Encryption is particularly important if you regularly transfer data from one system to a different , because it could be stolen during the transfer.

Data loss prevention

Data loss prevention

Data is important in your day-to-day operation, and data loss prevention methods ensure your data is out there for your access in the least times.

Data loss prevention

Access management

Not just anyone in your company should have access to the organization’s sensitive information. Access and identity management ensures data is accessed only on a need-to-know basis which those obtaining the knowledge are who they assert they're .



Firewalls control the flow of outgoing and incoming network traffic to guard against untrusted networks and potential malicious attacks.


Anti-virus and anti-malware solutions

Anti-virus and anti-malware software is one among the foremost fundamental Cyber security solutions in any network . It scans the system for threats and blocks viruses from accessing your devices.


Web filtering

Web filtering stops employees from accidentally accessing harmful services on the company’s network that would expose the business to a knowledge breach.


Risk and compliance management

Businesses in many industries need Cybersecurity services to satisfy federal regulations or industry standards. Risk and compliance management provides a fanatical solution for meeting these needs.

Solutions we provide

Businesses of any size and sort experience an array of possible security vulnerabilities a day . Our Cybersecurity solutions can mitigate problems like these :


Human error

Employee error — not malicious intent — is far and away the most important reason for data breaches. Web filtering and other cybersecurity tools lessen the danger of human error by stopping employees from accessing harmful sites and falling prey to phishing schemes.

External threats

External threats

Hackers are getting increasingly skilled find ways to urge around traditional firewalls and steal your data. Cybersecurity services ensure your firewalls, anti-virus software and other solutions are continually up-to-date and prepared to guard your infrastructure.

Insider criminal activity

Insider criminal activity

Unfortunately, one among the toughest realities for both small and enormous businesses is that the stealing of knowledge from within the organization. Security solutions safeguard your information from the within and confirm only those that got to know can access your sensitive data.

Unsecured cloud storage

Unsecured cloud storage

As cloud servers grow in popularity, so too are cloud storage security breaches on the increase . Network security services ensure your cloud systems have the right security in situ to avoid data breaches.

Third-party app security

Third-party app security

Not all programs are created together with your company’s safety in mind. Many third-party apps don’t accompany sufficient or updatable security measures. Cybersecurity weeds out these unsafe applications and puts the safety solutions in situ that a lot of apps lack.

Subpar IT processes

Subpar IT processes

Sometimes, small businesses don’t have the funds or knowledge to stay up with increasing threats or changing security best practices. Without the budget to rent a fanatical IT team, many companies unknowingly leave their infrastructure in danger . But outsourced or cloud-based cybersecurity solutions offer a cheap alternative that helps you avoid loss of income after a security breach.

Various sorts of IT Security Solutions we offer

We generally categorised the services in three main parts. Our solutions gives small and enormous businesses, freedom to implement IT security at a scale and budget that’s right for them:



Many large organizations have their own security team in situ to perform cyber security services. This do-it-yourself approach allows you to require control of your own security and privacy with staff that knows your business and its exact needs. We assist you to try to to found out your infrastructure, train ur staffs and supply the proper product for your Business. and do independent Audit also to try to to check and balance of the performance.



Outsourcing cybersecurity is a superb way for businesses to spend less time performing tedious security measures and longer that specialize in more productive tasks, while our team oversees cybersecurity. We lookout of all actovites and work as a partner with you and consider your security as our own.


IT security as a solution

within the age of software as a service (SaaS), more products and services than ever are now available via the cloud — including cybersecurity. Cybersecurity(SaaS) is an outsourced approach during which you buy cybersecurity solutions on a subscription basis. this enables you to stay up with the newest technology at a highly affordable price. we'll assist you to settle on right product and supply service for them.

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