How we work with clients

We believe that understanding the “why” is just as important as understanding the “what,” so when we interact with our clients, we try to understand their business and strategic priorities as well as the more basic specifics.
We strive to be the perfect partner by providing the best combination of consulting and software development, along with all other IT related services and support till end.


First and foremost, we pay attention to you. We get to know you and your company along with project details, while also assisting you in getting to know us. When it comes to selecting a new web/ IT partner, you must be cautious.
You're about to embark on a new long-term relationship, and it's a huge step. For us also, it's the same. We need to make sure we can work together to reach your needs before we take you on as a new client.



Before starting we need to know what your overall end goal is, because a good project begins with a specific goal in mind. After understanding it, we'll look into how the project will help and integrate with your company, as well as how it should give output once it's completed.We will identify and recommend the best and most suitable technology to achieve your vision.


Your project's precise design and user specifications are scoped out by us. This will assist in estimating the budget, as well as the schedule and milestone delivery. As we share some early concept wireframes with you and begin crafting a content plan to organise your website/project effectively. You will start to see your vision taking shape. The majority of your specifications will have been determined by the end of this schedule.



We'll start incorporating your branding elements into the overall design as the concept wireframes progress into an actual prototype. The prototype will then be further developed based on usability requirements, with the aim of answering questions such as "Does the web have a consistent flow?" “Can the user easily locate the Contact Us button?” and “Can the user easily locate the Contact Us button?”.The most crucial step in the decision-making process is to finalise all criteria keeping in mind the project.



While the different specifications and content strategy are designed into it, the prototype will proceed to completely incorporate the brand and design elements.All of the site's features are operational, enabling you to see the product come to life. We perform rigorous testing and debugging as part of our quality assurance operation. After passing quality control, the final application will put into place.


The prototype will now be completely functional and will represent the final product in appearance.
We'll put the site through a stress test to make sure it can handle the traffic. After that, the project is ready to go live for the first time.



We at ZENSLY stand with our client till end. and provide support every time they ask. We have AMC plan also to keep the things monitor in regular interval to keep things at right place.
We took great pride in our work, supporting the and infrastructure behind systems we've developed.

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