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Nuts And Bolts Of Mobile Game Testing

The game industry has revolutionized the world of infographics and information technologies due to the vast opportunities and the prospects that it offers. Therefore, software testing services in Delhi play a vital role in the gaming industry. This is why a huge proportion of companies have switched their attention to game development and testing. Manual Testing is inevitable to make a gaming program successful. Almost all gaming software use black box techniques to carry on the testing procedures. A software & application testing company Delhi helps in building gaming software. Here are some tips that can be useful if you are inclining yourself towards manual game testing. Go through them!

Choose The Right Platform

Testing the game platform is the first thing that you need to take into consideration. As a potential developer, you need to determine whether your gaming platform is web-based, native, or the hybrid of two so that you can construct distinct strategies. Software testing Services Company in Delhi will guide you regarding the same.

Functionality Is The Prime Requisite

If you want your gaming program to thrive in the gaming world, then there is no better alternative than testing your game for functionality. If your game doesn’t have a robust framework, then there will be frequent crashes that no user likes to have while beating the high scores.

Emotional Engagement Is The Key

To construct an app that will be in the top-grossing list of the app store then you undeniably need to come up with something new and to be very precise an idea that is interesting enough not to be abandoned.

Optimize And Know Your End-Users

Your app or gaming program should be able to deliver unmatched user experience, and it should be usable at best. If you are in desperate need of transforming your app into an instant, hit then knowing the interest of your users is indispensable. Do alpha and beta testing and make sure that the program is performing at its peak without any pitfalls.

Cloud Testing

You can always use cloud testing for a more elaborate manual testing experience. Delivering the key milestones isn’t easy at all when there is a multitude of alternatives available in the industry. It is also practically impossible to implement an entire inventory of mobile devices. This is when cloud testing fits into the picture of game testing.

Balanced Testing

To find that your app is working well, you need to conduct a test between the exploratory testing and game-based testing. This is essential to check the engagement of the customers in your game and can help you to take into account the storyline as well as the efficiency of the gaming software to evoke the interest of the users.

Performance Testing Is Crucial

You never know how your program functions in other devices. This is why you need to check the compatibility of your program with several mobile devices to check the bugs and other issues that arise as a result of your faults. If people find your app good enough to work with, then only they will install it on their respective devices. So the choice is yours. Hence, you need to contact the best mobile app development company in Delhi in order to get the best results.

Automatic Testing

Necessity Of Automation Testing Amongst Agile Testing

You can make a survey, and you will conclude that be it any small scale IT project or large and complex software projects, every software development project requires significant investment in the testing procedure to ensure success. The investment consists of staff, resources, time, and additional costs as well. Fortunately, automation testing is there to speed up the process and reduce the overall costs and investment. Without the use of any manual labor or testing automation testing creates automated scripts for the formalized testing procedure. Apart from that automation test also involves testing that is almost impossible to perform manually by hands.

Advantages Of Automation Testing

On the surface, you can state that automation means reduced costs and increased productivity. Overthrowing tedious and time taking testing the process focuses on simple and direct tests without being repeated often. Automation Testing has a plethora of visible perks. Some of these are enlisted below You would find it practically impossible to test the compatibility of your program with several devices. For one if you look at the big picture through your smaller lens, then you would find out that automated testing allows users to run tests on several devices all at once.

You would find it practically impossible to test the compatibility of your program with several devices. For one if you look at the big picture through your smaller lens, then you would find out that automated testing allows users to run tests on several devices all at once. Automated testing can narrow down the overall testing process for users and can analyze the tests that are already performed and find out the bugs that are already fixed while clearing out the reports. As you can check the compatibility in different devices altogether so it will be quite easy to fabricate detailed reports that are generated in less time using the same parameters as the same scripts are being run. Automation can help you to find the bugs easily and fix them initially at the early stage of testing ad software development. Thus the expenses and working hours will be reduced to fix the arising problems. Repetitive standardizing tests can be boring, but automated testing is more reliable and can be way quicker. An automated test can also reduce the risk of errors that happen during the manual testing procedure. You can get a better Return on Investment. Thus you don’t need to put more efforts to earn more. Rather you can simply focus on automation testing, and your work will be done using automation testing, saving your time.

Overcoming Agile Testing

Unlike agile testing, the scripts in automated testing are reusable, and you don’t need to write new scripts every time. You can always use the same texts without forgetting the steps. You can get accelerated results along with faster feedback. You will also experience reduced business expenses and higher overall test coverage with improvised testing efficiency. Apart from that if you want earlier detection of defects, and then there is no better alternative than going for automated detection. For the faster time-to-time market and information security, automated testing is an invincible tool that provides faster results along with thoroughness in testing. Besides, automated testing also adds worth to all of the involved stakeholders.

API testing

API Testing As A Boon For Software Development

Gone are the days when programming software was the only thing that you had to rely on. Nowadays, along with fabricating a game or software, you also have to make sure that the users will have an exceptional surfing experience over the program. The bugs need to be fixed, and the built should be robust to prevent crashes. This is when testing comes into the picture. It can be manual or automated, but testing is crucial. To justify the continuously evolving customer needs and to be connected to the rest of the tech world, you need to switch to API testing.

Why API Testing Is Crucial

API Testing has numerous advantages, but the basic principle is to enable agility and speed. API Testing has a multitude of benefits among which some are enlisted below: API Testing simplifies the process of searching for different users. Thus extending the reach of the software and contributing indirectly to the publicity of the program, API integration helps the developer to reach several users or subscribers. The modular fabrication of APIs doesn’t require any significant constructive changes. So, if you opt for API Testing, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on the process and upgrade it at frequent intervals. You can easily customize your application by using the coding in your program. It will enable you to develop an app that is more customer-oriented. API Testing ensures that whatever you do, you do it in the right way. API Testing can ensure that the program is working well with both minor and major bug fixes. API Testing can validate all type of automatic testing programs and ensure that your system is working seamlessly.

The Bottom Line

API can be elementarily defined as the language of programs. Several developers and e-commerce businesses are immensely obliged to API Testing because it has proved to be an effective tool to narrow down the pitfalls. Synchronizing information and post disparate business systems API Testing can configure your program as per the relevant requirements. If you want your application to perform on the peak without any faults, then there is no better alternative than going for API Testing. To match customers' perspectives API integration is indispensable. As a potential developer use API Testing, and you would find your online face to look like just how your users want it to be.

API testingMobile Performance Testing

Mobile Performance Testing : For Enterprise Mobility Success

The entire market is now running on technology-based applications. All business services are getting compatible with mobile phones. It can be said that mobile apps have turned into global entities. They are now everywhere, for example, E-banking, social media, E-commerce, E-bidding, and more. As people have started using mobile applications, every business needs to come up with a perfectly optimized mobile application. Performance is important for the very app. If the apps don’t run smoothly, the users will not be going to use your apps and uninstall them. They will switch to another app of the computer. That’s why it is essential to test your application before releasing the apps. It is done with mobile performance testing.

Testing Strategy For Mobile Applications

Mobile performance testing on smartphones generally tested in three major categories. These are :

App Start-Up Time

Here, you need to check the start-up time of your application. Make sure it opens within 2 to 3 seconds.

Battery Consumption By The App

Some mobile apps consume a lot of battery. People don’t prefer to use such apps. So, make sure your app consumes less battery life.

Memory Consumption

Here, you need to test how much space your app takes on the device.

Server Performance

For server performance, you will have to check

Data To And From The Server

The app should be able to handle the data efficiently. Different apps use different ways to send data. So, before displaying them, the data need to be converted into a readable form. While doing this, your app can become a little slower. So, carefully check it.

Network Performance

You need to major your app’s performance under different network. Here you need to check


It means, delay in getting information from the network. Make sure your application can handle it properly.

Packet Loss

When complete packet loss happens, the application must have the ability to resend the information. Make sure your app can display a proper notification

Tools Which Can Be Used For Mobile Testing

The app testing tools can vary with different platforms, for example, iOS and Android. However, come standard testing tools are:

For Android


It works like Selenium. The tools can effectively record and carryout different tests which are essential for mobile performance testing.

Monkey Runner

This fantastic tool can carry out tests on devices while being connected to an emulator or PC. It has an API which lets you control the smartphone, or an app emulator without dealing with Android code.

For Apple


Automator mobile testing application, developed by Apple, can run iOS. It uses drag and drops, or you can say point-and-click creation to automate tasks into different batches for faster result. This way, you can save a lot of time and efforts in testing the app.

It is quite vital to provide people with an app which can perform well. So, test it properly and make sure that the app is fast and perfect

ERP Testing

Test Your New ERP Software’s Functionality With ERP Testing

When you have installed an enterprise resource planning software for the first time, you need to make sure that it has been employed ideally. But how will you do that? There is only one way, i.e., through ERP testing. You might be thinking that what is ERP testing? Here is your answer: This testing helps you to make sure about the proper configuration and functioning of the very module, as per the company’s requirements. Testing ERP implementation is quite essential as it plays a significant role in your business’s activities. There are some practical ways to test your software. Without testing, you may face failure during the implementation of the software. No will use buggy and fault software. So, check it properly.

Understanding Different Types Of ERP Testing

Installation Testing

When there is a faulty installation, the software will not perform well and lead to failure. Such a thing can happen when their sub-routines don’t work in a synchronizing way. Besides, there can be some missing files. With ERP testing, you can identify the issues and can do a perfect installation.

Functional Testing

Such type of testing evaluates and validates the business software ability to meet the company’s objectives.

Software Load Testing

With this testing, you can detect if the enterprise software can process the data beyond its limit. It is significant and useful information to know about the functionality of the software. Besides, you can make sure that the software can perform much better when needed.

Security Testing

Cyber security threat is multiplying. The danger may come from malware, Trojans, ransom ware and viruses. That’s means a company should safeguard its IT sources. That’s why it is essential to conduct security testing of the ERP software. With this, you can make sure that software is secure.

How To Test Your ERP System

ERP testing is focused on testing each module’s performance under a particular event. The test can be done through automated and manually. One of the best tools that are used to carry out the test is StresStimulus. In general, there are three stages of testing. These are ERP test preparation, execution and evaluation. Let’s discuss the stages in detail.

The Testing Process

ERP : test Preparation This stage of ERP testing includes setting up the system, preparing the test suit and formation of testing data.

Execution : This stage involved the execution of the ERP test formed during the test preparation period. Besides, in this stage, the expert writes down all the issues and submits the status report of the software test.

Software evaluation : This includes analyzing, understanding and detecting defects. Here the expert documents the entire ERP testing process.

Benefits Of ERP Testing

When the ERP testing implemented, it is carried out by considering different users who will use the new enterprise software. It plays a significant role in software training. The training users play a great role in how the other users will consider the new software. With this, you can know the effectiveness as well as the functionality of your software. With ERP testing, you can easily detect the problems and rectify them to make the software work smoothly without developing any issues in future.

Window Applications Testing

Understanding Windows Application Testing Inside Out

Every application that we use goes through a pre-defined cycle that ensures maximum usability and minimum glitches in the product. Windows is the leading operating system that people use in almost every desktop across the globe. Building applications for windows is similar to building an app for every desktop user. It makes Window applications testing a must for all enterprises. Here are a few things that will help you understand Windows application testing inside out.

Automated Testing

The entire testing methodology comprises of two significant parts, automated testing and manual testing. Every form of testing has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few things about automated testing of Windows applications. In automated testing, the personnel assigned the task uses software to test several things. The testing software comes with several scenarios or test cases and test ensures if it can get the job done. Here are some pros and cons of automated testing.

Pros Of Automated Testing

It is easy to use and faster than automated testing.

As the entire code is tested with the help of software, the chances of finding more bugs become a critical aspect of the testing.

Unlike manual testing, automated testing can be recorded. It makes it reusable for multiple projects. Most Windows applications are developed on the same set of rules. With automated testing Window applications, testing becomes quite simpler for companies.

Automated testing supports various applications and can work on even on the smallest part of code. It makes the entire process much better than manual testing.

Cons Of Automated Testing

The testing software costs a lot and hence is uneconomical for smaller companies.

Without timely guidance, the designer aspects of the software make no sense. It needs timely intervention to make sure that the software looks good and works great without any issue.

Automated testing is not bulletproof. There are chances that the bugs still exist in code, whether it is windows applications testing or website testing.

Manual Testing

The next type of testing is manual testing. In this form of testing the testers test the application without any software. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them.

Pros Of Manual Testing

Getting faster and better results is easier in manual testing. No visual aspect of Window applications testing is left and out as all the features are thoroughly tested.

It does not cost much, and the results are pretty much good. It makes it better than automated testing in terms of economic standpoint.

As the human element is involved, the time spent on designing code for bug testing minimizes.

Cons Of Manual Testing

With the use of the software, even the smallest error can be detected, which are otherwise impossible to detect in manual testing.

The recording of the process is not possible, and hence, the entire steps repeat every single time a window applications testing needs to execute.

The process can take much time and may not produce the same results as the automated ones.

There are a lot of factors that need to consider while conducting Windows applications testing. People widely use each method for a variety of reasons, and the requirements vary from one person to another.

Web application testing

Things You Should Keep In Mind For Web Application Testing

The rise in data usage and easier access to smartphones has to lead an increase in the number of active users throughout the world. Keeping this fact in mind, several companies are evolving every day that are targeting the new class of customers with their web application. No doubt that building a web application is not easy. One has to consider a lot of stages to ensure the proper launch of the products. But before that, there is a crucial part that is ignored by most small organizations. Yes, you are reading about web application testing. Web application testing is quite an essential part of the product cycle. Here are some facts that you should keep in mind.

Check Cross-Browser Compatibility

There are tons of internet-enabled devices out there. Making sure that your web application works perfectly fine on every device is a great feat in itself. Your web application should have a consistent look or UI in every device. Furthermore, it should be able to perform all sorts of activities across all platforms. It is known as cross-browser compatibility and is an essential part of web application testing.

Perform Functionality Testing From Time To Time

Functionality testing refers to testing the links, the database and the entire working of the app from time to time. The web applications testing should be done regularly throughout the app development process as it decreases the chances of having bugs at the end of the project. Having tons of bugs at the end of the project can be a nightmare. It can doom the entire project and can cost a fortune. Hence the web applications testing should be done from time to time to ensure that very few bugs remain at the end of the project.

Conduct Interface Testing Extensively

Interface testing is an essential part of the software development cycle. In this practice, the connection between the webpage and their connection to their web server is checked. Crucial features like uploading and downloading of files, exception handling and ensuring the correct error pages are shown at the right time are checked. This makes interface testing an essential part of web application testing.

Make Sure That The Security Audit Is Done Regularly

The modern-day technologies need modern-day measures to protect themselves from happenings like data theft. Security is a massive concern in today’s world. By ensuring that the security audit is done from time to time, a lot of essential data can be saved from the nefarious hackers. Security audits while web development will build a trust factor among your clients and help you reap a good reputation out of it. There are a ton of other things that can go well along with this. Product cycles are long and comprehensive. It takes months or sometimes years to carve out a perfect product. Every part of the journey is equally important, and one cannot skip a single factor of it. In most cases, a website is your product, and you cannot compromise with your product at any cost. These factors make web application testing an essential part of product development.

Game Testing

Build The Perfect Game With Game Testing

Irrespective of the type and size of the games, game testing forms an important part. Development and testing of games go hand in hand to ensure the optimum success of the game. Active development and testing of a game determine the success rate. Testing ensures providing a quality user experience.

Techniques Of Game Testing

The different types of game testing techniques are listed below:

Clean Room Testing

The method of clean room testing in-game testing is useful in enhancing the reliability level of gaming software. The main objective of the technique is to reduce the defects of the software to a minimal level. The method combines the statistical reason, mathematical reasoning and design refine during the generation of the test cases and the testing process.

Functionality Testing

You can easily detect the bugs and errors in a game while testing with the use of functional testing. Any issue with the graphics or audio-visual in gaming software can be easily detected. The testing technique helps in finding whether the software is functioning as per the specifications or not. This technique helps in validating the installation process as well as the payment gateways and much more.

Tree Testing

Organizing test cases become comfortable with the use of tree testing. You can easily select the appropriate test sets with the help of this testing technique. It can help in enhancing the understanding of the sophisticated features of the gaming software. With this technique, you can avail of inexpensive refinement and exploration opportunities.

Compatibility Testing

The method of compatibility testing helps in testing the compatibility of the software with the graphics, hardware and software configurations. It ensures the effective functioning of the software in the specific devices. It provides the stability of gaming software. It checks whether the gaming software can meet all the requirements of the developers as well as the end-users.

Ad Hoc Testing

This technique is effective for random testing without any documents or test cases. This random testing helps in finding the potential defects of the gaming software.

Regression Testing

Regression testing allows you to re-test the already conducted tests. You can easily make a comparison between the previously obtained results and the current results. By detecting any possible bugs, you can effectively control the quality of the gaming software. It will ensure the overall verification of the usability of the software.

Load Testing

The technique of load testing is effective in testing the performance under real-time loads. It is helpful to check the sustainability of the software with the highest possible user load. With the use of this technique, you can easily find out strategies to ensure effective performance management of the software.

Combinatorial Testing

The technique of load testing is effective in testing the performance under real-time loads. It is helpful to check the sustainability of the software with the highest possible user load. With the use of this technique, you can easily find out strategies to ensure effective performance management of the The combinatorial testing ensures the high quality of the software and helps in reducing costs. It is effective for generating combinations of testing. With this testing, you can find out all the possible combinations. Sikuli can act as an effective tool for the purpose of game testing. Using all the effective game testing techniques, you can ensure high quality and reliable gaming software.software.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing: The Key To Successful Software Development

The performance of an application is one of the most important factors in determining the success of an application. Performance testing helps in optimizing the performance of the software to the optimum level. With performance testing, you can easily upgrade software by overcoming all the potential performance problems.

Why Is Performance Testing Crucial For Success

Measuring the performance of your software is highly important. Some of the major reasons for the importance are listed below:

Stability, Speed, And Accuracy

Through Performance Testing, you will be able to scale the speed, accuracy, as well as the stability of the software. It helps in enhancing the scalability of the software. Through the performance testing, the developers can make the required changes to ensure that the performance meets the set standards.

Validate The Basic Software Features

A solid foundation ensures the success of software. Performance testing helps you to scale the basic features to make sure you take the right key decisions for the software to be effective. Validation of the basic features provides you a strong foundation to enhance the performance of the software.

Enhanced User Experience

The loading speed of an application has much to do with user experience. Performance testing allows building responsive software that can provide enhanced user experience by faster loading.

Better Optimization

Performance testing can improve the load capacity and provide better optimization opportunities to the developers. Optimization enhances the scalability of the software and offers you to provide better quality software.

Identify And Resolve Issues

Performance testing helps the developers to identify and resolve the existing issues before the release of the software to the market. This helps in ensuring that the quality of the software is in no way compromised with.

Different Types Of Performance Testing Used By The Testers

The different types of performance testing are listed below:

Load Testing

Load testing is conducted by the developers to test the performance level of the software under the conditions of high load. Usually, in such tests, the load is intentionally increased by the testers to observe the behavior in conditions of high load. This test ensures that the software can provide effective performance during high load also.

Baseline Testing

Baseline testing is a pure form of performance testing. Through this testing, you can draw a baseline comparison between the performance of the software under normal and load conditions.

Soak Testing

Soak testing is nothing but a test to check the occurrence of potential bugs after the software is run for a long time.

Scalability Testing

Scalability Testing

Stress Testing

Stress testing helps in finding out the volume of load; the software can handle effectively. Through this test, you can easily figure out the point at which a breakdown of the software can be expected. Using the different tools of software testing, you can ensure offering a high performing software that can provide a better user experience.

testing app development PROCESS

Testing is one of the crucial parts of the app and website development's life cycle. We provide this service to our clients by following the below-discussed steps:


At the very first step, we analyze the considerations and the requirements of your clients. We create a tasting plan by taking the help of our expert testers. We create a rough presentation or sketch to follow the steps. In this, we analyze the small things regarding your site or application.

Choose the type of mobile testers

In this step, we are checking whether the test will be manual or automatic. We decide the ways of testing a site or application. We have the expert developers and tester team who have an idea on recently updated tools that helps to make your site and app bugs-free or error-free.


In this step, we implement the ideas by following the presentation or working process. We implement multiple testing criteria that include manual testing, automated testing, performance testing, security testing, and beta testing to make your app error fee. We analyze all the small section of your application and make it error-free.

Final delivery

After performing all the steps, we reached our results. We deliver the best quality results to our clients. With us, you can receive the before and after service solution. We identify all the bugs from your site and eliminate them to make your site error-free and bug-free. To get the best results, visit us.

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